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Too many information on FinTechs?

Please come in and look out for structured and comparable FinTech information.

The FinTech market is diverse, not structured and offers a huge variety of business models. Our FinTech Matching Platform collects and structures all that data and offers the golden source of FinTech data.

If you are a FinTech, RegTech, InsurTech, xTech, looking for Partners to enhance, scale or finance your business, this is the right place to be.

If you are a bank or corporate looking for FinTech companies to partner with, to invest in or to aquire for internal business generation, our wealth of FinTech-data will support your search.

If you are an investor seeking for potential targets, looking for comparable data and benchmarks and valuation backgrounds, you will get advanced analytics information to foster your investment decisions.



Learn about FinTech strategies, their business and revenue models as well as their overall company structures.



Put the information into context by comparing FinTechs with each other, with benchmarks or you individual comparison criteria.



Take advantage of our advanced analytics and predictive valuation tools to get intelligent data for your purposes.



Find the perfect match for your individual requirements and get into a structured due diligence.


With our research, assessments and direct interaction with FinTechs, RegTechs, InsurTechs and other xTechs, we focus on the financial services industry, covering  B2B, B2C as well as the B2B2C segments.

We categorize all FinTechs in 6 main categories and 27 sub-categories.

Start-Up Categories

  • Payments
  • Investments
  • Finance Management
  • Lending
  • Insurance
  • Regulatory

Platform content

Researched FinTechs: 1313FinTechs
FinTech Scores: 438FinTechs
New FinTechs per months: 160FinTechs
New score-assessments per months: 145FinTechs

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We are piloting our platform until November 2018 and continuous releasing new features.

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What you can expect from us…

Financial Services Experts

Our team members held responsible positions in financial services of bank, insurances, consulting companies and IT corporates. We know what we are talking about and how to do it.

Investment focus

We know that financial data alone is not helpful. We always put all business, technical and financial data into context and ask „So what?“, to derive a complete picture of an opportunity.

We live digital

We are digital people, using FinTech solutions by ourselves every day and have been strongly involvement in digital and mobile banking since 20 years.


Some of us have been multiple founders by themselves, knowing how to start and build up companies – and how to make them successful.

Investment managers

We have conducted investment and exit processes already and have a clear view on what the needs are in these activities. That´s what we include into our platform, too.

Been there, done that...

We already have invested in and managed start-ups, so it is not the first time, we are building up a new venture – with all know-how of good and bad things which can happen to us or to the FinTechs we analyse…


Experience counts...

We want to combine all our practical and first hand experience with our strategic visions and investment competences. We know what we would have needed - and that´s what we put together now.


But you need to know, who knows it...

If you need further assistance, we are able to provide individual research, due diligence support, legal advice via partners as well as entrepreneurial skills to make start-ups better. We help you to make better decisions!


We are currently in pilot stage.
2018/11/15 10:00:00

During our pilot phase we only provide selected clients access to our platform. Therefore the pricing will be individually defined upon requests.

Our pricing scheme will be updated by 2nd of November 2018. Please stay tuned,,,


Highly qualified specialists
Stephan Paxmann

Stephan Paxmann

Co-Founder. Strategy and Platform.

Founder and CEO of TME AG. Ex Senior Manager at Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt and New York City for eMarketplaces and e-Identity solutions. Previously, served as Director for International Banking at Allianz SE and Head of Banking at IMG St Gallen, Suisse.

Kirill Babich

Kirill Babich

FinTech Research & Advisory.

Head of FinTech Advisory at TME AG with profound experience within VC industry. Helped to build startups such as CollectAI (Liquid Labs) and supported Crobo’s growth stage (Covus Group).

Alexander Rezun

Alexander Rezun

IT & Development.

Head of IT Development at TME AG. Served as IT Advisor for an American top IT consultancy for over five years and has developed warehouses and applications for major players within the Financial Services industry.

Stefan Rossbach

Stefan Roßbach

Co-Founder. Product Strategy & Services.

Co-Founder and Partner Digital Banking of TME AG with a strong focus on development of innovative business models and FinTechs with over 20 years experience in Financial Services. Proven ePayments expert and speaker.

Harald Christ - Profile

Harald Christ

Investment Management & Investor Relations

Chairman and owner Christ&Company. Financial Services top manager, former CEO ERGO Beratung und Vertrieb AG and CEO Postbank Finanzberatung AG, BHW, Managing Director Deutsche Bank. Proven expert in sales, marketing and client centric business models.

Holger Boschke

Holger Boschke

Investment Strategy & Advisory.

Former Chief Investment Officer of Dresdner Bank and Mgmt Board Member of Commerzbank. Supervisory board of multiple private wealth management banks. Former deputy CEO of Kleinwort Benson in London. Author or Digital Wealth Management Factbook.


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